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1 a vast multitude [syn: host, legion]
2 a nomadic community
3 a moving crowd [syn: drove, swarm]

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Via horda, Russian ordá "horde, clan, troop", from Turkic orda, ordu "camp" (compare urdu). The initial h- first appears in Polish. First attested in English in the 1550s.


  • italbrac RP , /hɔːd/, /hO:d/
  • italbrac US , /hɔːrd/, /hO:rd/
  • Rhymes with: -ɔː(r)d



  1. A wandering troop or gang; especially, a clan or tribe of a nomadic people (originally Tatars) migrating from place to place for the sake of pasturage, plunder, etc.; a predatory multitude.
  2. A large number of people.
    We were beset by a horde of street vendors who thought we were tourists and would buy their cheap souvenirs.


wandering troop or gang
a large number of people



horde (definite singular horden; indefinite plural horder; definite plural horderne)


Etymology 1


horde , sometimes (plural horden or hordes)
  1. horde
  2. troop of boyscouts, comprising no more then 24 cubs

Etymology 2


horde , sometimes (plural horden)
  1. a gross sieve
  2. hurdle

Derived terms




horde (plural hordes)



no-noun-reg-m hord

Extensive Definition

Horde, a term of Turkic origin meaning a clan of nomads (ultimately from the Turkic ordu, orda meaning "encampment" , cf. ; ; ; cf. the related term yurt), may refer to:
  • the White Horde, formed 1226.
  • the Blue Horde, formed 1227.
  • the Golden Horde, a Tatar-Mongol state established in the 1240s
  • the Nogai Horde, a Tatar clan situated in the Caucasus Mountain region, formed in the 1390s.
  • Jüz, the traditional divisions of Kazakh society, consisting of the Greater, Middle and Lesser Hordes.
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See also

  • Urdu, a Persianized register of the Khariboli language, takes its name from the same word.
  • not to be confused with unrelated Hoard "treasure".
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army, assemble, bunch, bunch up, clot, cluster, cohue, collect, come together, congregate, converge, copulate, couple, crowd, crush, date, deluge, drove, flock, flock together, flood, flow together, forgather, fuse, galaxy, gang around, gang up, gather, gather around, heap, herd together, hive, host, huddle, ignobile vulgus, jam, league, legion, link, many-headed multitude, mass, meet, merge, mill, mob, mobile vulgus, multitude, muster, panoply, press, push, rabble, rally, rally around, rendezvous, rout, ruck, seethe, spate, squash, stream, surge, swarm, the common herd, the crowd, the great unnumbered, the great unwashed, the herd, the hoi polloi, the horde, the majority, the many, the masses, the mob, the multitude, throng, unite
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